Mentors Educational Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. is an established company in the field of abroad study program and it is the best hub of IELTS and PTE Preparation in Kavre District. The company was established in January 2010 and till date it has been continuously serving its valuable clients to achieve their best in IELTS and PTE Scores and also in choosing the best possible study destinations of the world. Our service is more focused for making a person’s CV strong for his future endeavors by providing genuine career counselling and supporting an individual choose the best possible colleges and universities and the best possible courses available.

“Trust Creates One’s Destiny” is the motto of this company. First we create trust about the countries, colleges/universities and partners in us. Then we go to sell our service to our clients in order to win their trust. We think trust is a strong pillar to shape anyone’s future.

As we are established in a small town of Banepa we provide our services in two ways. We work directly with the colleges and universities who trust us and make us their agent and we also work in co-operation with some established partner companies from around the globe.

We always believe in right information and friendly dealing. Whenever we bring any program of any country/ university, first we think hypothetically being students ourselves. If we get the right conditions and feel like joining the program, we try to reach our candidates /students to convince them to buy our service. We expect this reduces the risk factor and provides a convenient circumstance for investment on the part of our clients.